Lake Shihwa is the first coastal area where the integrated coastal management has been implemented in Korea. After the government renounced Lake Shihwa as a freshwater lake and declared the lake as a seawater lake in the late 2000s, all of the ministries, institutions, municipalities, and local communities collaborated to establish and implement ‘The Lake Shihwa Comprehensive Management Plan’ in August, 2001. The Third Phase of Comprehensive Management Plan of Lake Shihwa is currently being implemented for improving the water quality, recovering the health of the ecosystem and enhancing the quality of life of the local community.

[The Third Phase of Comprehensive Management Plan of Lake Shihwa (2012-2016)]

* Basic Direction
- Implement total pollutant load management system for improving the water quality of Lake Shihwa
- Maximize the use of its resources through ecosystem management and restoration
- Maintain Integrated Coastal Management System and strengthen management capacity

* Vision
: Healthy Seawater-Lake, a Beautiful Coastal Town, a Region Where We Are Together

* Goal
- Environmental improvement and conservation of Lake Shihwa watershed
- Sustainable development and coastal resource use within its environmental carrying capacity

* Sectoral Objectives

Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Marine Environmental Policy Division
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Secretariat for Shihwa Management Committee
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